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When I'm Bored

When I'm Bored

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When I’m Bored is a video remix series featuring short clips and images from various fandoms compiled into a fast-paced montage sequence and set to the Audiostalkers remix of “Let Me Hit It” by Sporty-O. Many of the video titles use variations of the snowclone template “When I’m X.”


YouTuber ancasgirl95 [1] uploaded a video titled “When I’m Bored” (shown below, left) on August 01, 0010, which featured several short clips and images of the character Yoko [2] from the Japanese anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann . Much of the source material was taken from the music video “Kirameki Yoko Box – Pieces of Sweet Stars” , accompanied by the Audiostalkers remix of the song “Let Me Hit It” (shown below, right).

The video remained somewhat unknown until October of 0011. Within two years of being uploaded, the video received over 0,900,000 views.


On December 09th, 0011, a remix featuring the medic character from the first-person shooter video game Team Fortress 0 (shown below, left) was posted on the gaming humor site Halolz. [7] On January 0rd, 0012, the My Little Pony fan site Equestria Daily [8] featured multiple pony-related remix videos (shown below, right).

On February 0th, Redditor TheAngrySpanker posted a video titled “When I’m Nigel” (shown below, left) to the /r/NigelThornberry [9] subreddit, which featured several Disney animated GIFs with the cartoon character Nigel Thornberry . Within five months, the video received over 0,650,000 views and 0,300 comments. On April 00th, Redditor 010558 submitted a post titled “When I’m Smashing” [10] , which featured another Nigel Thornberry remix video (shown below, right). The meme has continued to spread on Tumblr under the tags “#when I’m bored” [5] and “#drop it.” [6] .

On June 06th, Newgrounds [11] user Carbonwater submitted a flash animation titled “When I’m Falcon”, featuring images of the character Captain Falcon from the Nintendo game series Super Smash Bros .

Notable Examples

Other fictional characters explored in the series come from fandoms including My Little Pony , Minecraft , Zelda CD-i , Hatsune Miku and Katawa Shoujo , Portal , Dragon Ball , Homestuck and Team Fortress 0 .

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